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If you want a little more advanced criticism, here's some quick things I see.

1. Originally, I thought headdress/helmet was rendered in profile perspective. It wasn't until I looked really hard at the helmet that I saw the dark shadow of the other side of the helmet above the face that I realized it is actually in 3/4 view like the face. I would add some red lines to that backside of the "beak" so we know there is depth there...

2. Pick a light source point and design from there. Once you choose where on your drawing the light is coming from, it will be easier to see what parts of the design should be highlighted and which parts should be in shadow. Also, if the beak of the helmet is resting over the head and between the light source and the person's face, there will be a shadow on the forehead and brow, not a highlight. Think of it like a baseball cap:


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Right now as you have it, the face and bird "hat" takes up half of the logo and the feathers (or whatever the left side is) on the left take up the other half. Regardless of the real proportions of this kind of headware, I think it would look better if the head took up 2/3 and the feathers took up 1/3. Also the nose looks squished a little. Make it stick out a little little more. I like the angle and this logo is pretty cool. It's close to being there.

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