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NFL's 100th Anniversary


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it's goofy, but it's appropriate. I think the middle zero might have too much stretch on it, but the outside ones are fine. I might be a minority on that thought though, because it certainly doesn't look bad. Bump for more opinions.

I think it does have a little too much stretch, I'll have to fix that.

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During a conversation with a friend last night, we were discussing Hispanics in the NFL. For a while it was thought that the first played for the Buffalo Bisons in the 20's. I had no idea that there was professional football in Buffalo that far back. It would be really interesting to see what could be done with the colors listed on wikipedia and with the plethora of team names Buffalo Bisons on wikipedia

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Either A or D. Nice and simple:)

Would these be on the chest or the shoulders? Or mixed bag depending on the team?

It's possible for it to be a mix. I know some teams won't have shoulder numbers. What do you think?

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