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Braves sue Disney for infringing on their name


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This whole thing reminds me of what happened about eight years ago. A mom-and-pop candy store in Mandan, N.D., put out a candy bar to honor the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The name of the candy bar was, appropriately, the Lewis and Clark Bar.

The makers of the Clark Bar announced they were suing.

Never mind that Lewis and Clark were around long before the Clark Bar. Never mind that the Lewis and Clark Bar's wrapping didn't look like the Clark Bar's wrapping. Never mind that nobody in their right mind was going to get the Lewis and Clark Bar mixed up with the Clark Bar. The makers of the Clark Bar were going to sue.

The owners of the candy store were in a tizzy. They had made all these candy bars. They couldn't go up against the Clark Bar. They didn't know what to do.

Then North Dakota's congressional delegation got in. After lots of pressure, and lots of bad publicity for the Clark Bar, the makers of the Clark Bar dropped the lawsuit.

I'll never eat another Clark Bar, even though I loved them. And the Lewis and Clark Bar, it was a pretty good piece of candy.

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