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New England Patriots

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Also, is that the Falcon's number font?

Indeed it is. I don't usually set out to use other team's fonts for concepts, but I felt this was exactly what I was going for.

And something rubs me the wrong way with the red jerseys striping. Is it supposed to just be blue and white or is it supposed to have the effect of red on red? Plus the red jersey is inconsistent with the other two jerseys with its number outlines, which again makes the red jersey stick out.

Yes, red on red is what I went for. In fact, I made the white jersey first, creating the red/white/navy/white/red striping. Same with the numbers. Then when I applied that to the red jersey it cancelled out, which is exactly what I was going for. So really, the red is still there, it just blends into the jersey.

PS: are you going to continue your MLB series? one of my favorite threads on these boards.

I would really like to. The problem is that I have changed my presentation style and redid some of the teams, so I'm not sure if I want to post what I have done or just wait until closer to baseball season to post the newest edition. I appreciate the interest though!


As for silver vs. white: In this concept I have made the Pats a white team. I am going to stick with that, as that is really my main focus. So with the alternate uniform, I went with the view that it is just that; an alternate. I guess I view it the same as hockey, where the alternate is still very much based on your primary identity, but has a few elements that set it a part to be different. I suppose I could explain my view on alternates more clearly for "Bmac's NFL", but I'm not sure the status of my series.

Basically this: 2 primary uniforms, one light, one dark. One helmet for both. No limitations on pants. In addition, teams may have one alternate set. This includes another helmet option, another jersey, and another set of pants if needed. So basically the alternate set is a chance to do something different.

So with that, I'm not sure about any sort of update at this point. I really appreciate the feedback, by the way. If I can get this type of feedback on a single uniform concept like this, I look forward to posting more concepts again.

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Bring back Pat the Patriot in formation on the helmet!


But, if Elvis must be used, I love the way this concept does it. White always looked better than silver, as did the red jerseys.

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This is pretty self explanatory. I created a new set that is a modern take on a classic look.

Key elements:

-red/white/navy/white/red striping throughout

-triple-layered numbers

-white socks, shoes, facemasks, and primary helmets

-sublimated vertical stripes on front and back


C+C is much appreciated. I can't guarantee I will change much, if anything. If this goes well I may post other teams.

Here are some of my nitpicks:

- Use the silver helmet with all combos.

- Blue or red facemask.

- Blue socks with blue jersey.

- Red socks with red jersey.

I was going to type the same thing about the nitpicks. Overall good job.

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