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I'm not crazy about replacing the black and gold with brown and yellow, but it does look alright.

Why Caron for the player?

If you look at my other concepts in the series aside from Chicago where I used Toews, I use a team's top prospect for the players.

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Not crazy about replacing the gold with graphite. Either a light silver, white, or just going back to what it was would be better.

This, the gold made the whole set seem "warm" and appealing. Now it's cold and grey and seems lifeless.

Agree, if the forward facing Senator was gold (the original gold from the inaugural set) this would be not only perfection but easily the best Senators concept I've seen on these boards or otherwise.

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Going to go ahead and post the Kings also. Not much change for the Kings other than changing the hem striping on the Kings home to match the away. Also removed the pencil tip logo and put the crown back as the primary crest.



This is what the Kings should be wearing right now. I like their current jerseys, but don't care for the pencil tip logo (which I think would be much better as a shoulder logo).

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Thanks for the comments guys, since I have nearly all the teams done and once their all posted I'm going to go back through all the comments and make tweaks such as the D-foot Ducks logo colour, removal of black from Colorado, putting the gold Senator back, etc..

Anyways, next 2 teams are Tampa and Toronto. For Tampa, I played around with their new logo and the lightning bolt from the previous one and combined them for the logo you see in the concept. This Lightning concept might be my favourite one of the set along with the Senators. As for the Leafs, I decided to do something a little different to see what you guys thought of it.






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Next two teams are the Hurricanes and Rangers.

For the Hurricanes, I tried something a little different for the home and away uniforms. I wasn't sure if I should have used their current primary or the secondary logo but ultimately decided on the flag logo. The name and number font was taken from the font used on their website.

Not much change for the Rangers, kind of went with the look from the 1994 Cup team and modified the yoke on the away and went with the "New York" script for the away also.






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The Lightning logo is pretty good. I'd like to see it retouched a bit, but overall the singular bolt looks nice over that circle.

The Leafs concepts look nice.

The Canes is not bad, expect that the single color font is completely out of place with the rest of the jersey.

And for the Rangers, I don't like the mismatching scripts. But that's just my opinion.

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