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Next two teams are New Jersey and NY Islanders.

For the Devils, I wasn't sure what to do with them so I decided to add white piping to the shoulder yokes and played around with the striping on the sleeves.

As for the Islanders, I went with the look they had during their Cup dynasty years. The away jersey is no different from what they have now aside from the shoulder patch and the home is a little different from what they have now.






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Here are the final two teams, Pittsburgh & Washington

Went in different directions for both teams. Pittsburgh needed to get rid of the cookie cutter template and I decided to use the "weagle" as the primary for the Capitals.

With all teams now complete, I'm going to go back and make changes to some of the teams. First up will be Anaheim, but I'm not quite sure when I'll be getting to them.






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I'm not crazy about replacing the black and gold with brown and yellow, but it does look alright.

Why Caron for the player?

If you look at my other concepts in the series aside from Chicago where I used Toews, I use a team's top prospect for the players.

Ah yes.

The Pens and Caps look phenomenal!

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