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France vs. Brazil


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Did anyone watch France against Brazil friendly few days ago. During first half, both teams wore retro uniforms, France 1904 jersey, as they had it for their first game ever and Brazil had some older uniforms, but they looked cool: Players sweat like crazy, because the fabric was as then. In second half they changed to their current kits. I was looking for any photos from that game, but couldn't find it anywhere. If anyone has some, please post is, so we can comment it. Also if anyone knows any new teams geting new kits for next season, post that too.

I got fever, Portugal fever. 21 more days...

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France and Brazil do it to the tee (do my eyes decieve me or is that France shirt button-down?), and here we STILL get halfassed or botched throwbacks. go figure.

the Brazilian kits remind me of what the Red Wings would look like if they played soccer and wore blue. meanwhile the French uni, the shirt at least. i could probably wear a numberless version to work ^_^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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