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Team USA Hockey Concept


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Someone said that he smelled a whole bunch of Team USA Concepts coming up... Well here's one... I did it in a retro/current style way, using a variation of the crest that they're using on their unis... Anyways, enough talking, time for the concept

USA Hockey

Comments, PLEASE :D

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What's with the extra 1200 or so pixels to the right of the jerseys?

Also, those are pretty huge numbers on the back of those jerseys.

Otherwise it's all right. Not bad at all.

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:blink: Crap, I forgot to size it down a little...

Anyways, I made the number big to put a little emphasis on it... I'm going to do another one with smaller numbers and nameplate later on so you all can see what that looks like

I posted this for you all to get a main idea of the unis

Thanks for the comment :D

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i'm not feeling it...

i was one of the few who doesn't hate the new usa hockey sweaters... while i agree that the 2002 sweaters were the best, i just don't feel that this concept improves on the real thing...

usa hockey also needs to be blue. look at all the rivals to USA hockey in history... they ALL wore red. red's my favorite color, and it IS a very hockey-like color... but team USA is blue in hockey... also, my biggest beef with the concept is the crest. it's got USA Soccer disorder. it makes sense graphically to make the stripes blue, but the stripes are there to represent the american flag, so i think they should always be red. if you didn't want to put red stripes onto a red jersey, because it'd bleed together, that's understandable... but if you were to use outlines on the crest, you wouldn't have to worry about it bleeding together.

overall it's not terrible, but like i said, i'm just not feeling it...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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