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NHL 2012-13 Uniform redesign series


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I have a bunch of concepts to post and instead of creating one topic for every little concept, I've decided to post them all in one place. I plan of making and posting more of them in the future, but I do not intend on doing the whole league because I'm going to leave out the obvious ones who don't need a change. Now without further ado, here are the first two...

Minnesota Wild:

I don't like the inconsistency that they have for the last 7 years, so I fixed that. If they won't use a wheat road jersey, they should at least wear a white one that's a bit more consistent, which is what I made for them. I also brought back green as the primary home jersey with the full logo for the crest, and the numbers match the letters in the shoulder patch. More consistency :P. I also made their current alt red and gave it a makeover to freshen it up a bit. It also has red helmets...



Ottawa Senators:

I used this Sens logo from my Logo Mash-Up Series and gave it matching throwback uniforms from that era. The jerseys are not exactly the same, but they're pretty close...


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Winnipeg Jets:

Another logo from my mash-up series is used for the primary crest...


Florida Panthers:

I gave their now retired alternate panther head logo a body and brought it back to be used as the primary crest. I brought back as well the FLA Sun logo for the shoulders. The jerseys I made are a mix of the the former 3rd jersey and the original Panthers jerseys...


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Winnipeg Jets 2.0

The powder blue home jersey was the alternate from the set above, but I think it's nice enough that it deserves a set of it's own. Obviously, a modernized RCAF Flyers jersey set...


Anaheim Ducks

Took elements from Ducks history past and present and this is what I made of it.


These two concepts feel to me like they may be some of my best concepts ever, lol.

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Dallas Stars

I was unsure about how much black I would use in this concept, and then I decided to just not use it at all of the jerseys. It is limited to only the logo, the numbers, and shorts/helmets/socks. The crest is the same one with the drop shadow that I posted earlier in another concept topic found here. The uniforms are now in kelly green instead of the darker green and the jerseys are based on the original 90s unis. I also brought back the "Dallas" script on the shorts.


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Nashville Predators

Just an alternate jersey. No changes to the home and road. I brought back the 3D Predhead from their old mustard 3rd jersey, but gave it a makeover so that it matches the style of the current crest. A claw slash is included because I wanted to add something that they never used before...


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I updated the Preds jersey with a nicer looking slash motif. Now onto the next team...

Tampa Bay Lightning

Not many changes to this one. I did bring back the victory stripes in blue and white and I also brought back the color black. I decided to keep the jerseys free of black because I like the monochrome look alot more than their old jerseys. The blue always disapeered underneath the black or vice versa on their old jerseys and that's why I did not bring that scheme back. The black is used for just the shorts/helmets/gloves/numbers only...


As always, more C & C will be appreciated.

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