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Super Bowl XLVI field


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Nice find. Did they get lazy and use the same blue in the NFC logo as endzone color?

Looks like the NFC "blue" is a shade darker than the Giants "Big Blue". Also, the pic is severely fish-lensed. But it looks like the "20's" are painted as well. Would be a nice change. Or it's just the angles.


Just saw that pic at a higher rez and at a right angle. The 20's are not painted, just plain.


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My appempt at the field-


I dont really get why you posted this...

its pretty much the exact same concept as Cuse2000's and KayJay's except with faded logos for some reason and no white outline on the NFL shield (which it always has)

EDIT - that's not to say it isn't well rendered or doesnt look nice, its just not original.

Also - all of the Giants end zone concepts posted are virtually identical to their home endzone at MetLife stadium. Nothing right or wrong about that just pointing it out. I guess they (and the Jets) did a good job in that design.

Well it appears everyone is now.

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This is the field boys!! Here is a pic of the field that was tweeted to the Boston Herald....


I just hope they do a better job at shading in the SB logo at the 25s...unlike last season's botchfest:


I agree with you, but it's unlikely. The old logos were able to fit between the hashmarks, thus allowing the painters to fill them in completely without covering anything important. These new, (bland, colorless, boring) logos are too tall to fit between the hashmarks and still be of good size, therefore they have to be somewhat transparent, is the thinking. I feel, to solve the issue, they should just paint it in completely solid and then just paint the hashmarks over the logo.

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Not so much that specific reason, but it is one. The NFL rulebook (as well as the NCAA and now the NFHS) has the rule where on-field graphics can not obstruct those lines requred to be visable. It's more of a proceedural rule, but given the advent of greater digital technoligy. It is real possible for ref's to "blow the spot", even with no graphics on a field. And trust me it happens, I should know...I'm a HS ref myself. ^_^

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