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Yakball Concepts


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Bumping this back to page 1 where it belongs.

I've been following this thread since the start, but I've gone back and looked through it all again because it's that awesome!

I hear what people are saying about Calgary United's crest being complicated, but look at some European soccer crests, they're just as detailed. Love the colors, love the jerseys, love everything about this thread!

The only thing I notice is some of script logos are starting to look repetitive" try making sure each one has something unique that sets it apart from the others.

Great work!

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Thanks everybody! I finished Canada!

London Royals

I was influenced by Hertha BSC's logo, and inspired by GFB's Colorado baseball logo for Cujo's fantasy team. I thought a flag logo would be cool, and inspire the fanbase with flags and stuff. So the primary is a simple flag with LR for the team initials. Unlike what I normally do, I made a completely new alt logo, which is a crown. The name ties in to the city, with the OHL team being the Knights. Hope you like.


Honestly, I needed another reebok team, and tried my best to make it classy, while staying true to reebok's ugly form.


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Victoria Thunderbirds

I've had this idea for a while, but finally did it. I found some native american bird art, and tried my best to modernize it. I looked at the Seahawks logo for inspiration. The alt is a V for victoria with a lightning bolt to tie the thunder theme. The script is just civic, which I modified slightly.


I didn't have a warrior team yet! I did that, and looked at Nike's Euro 2012 goalie kits, they look similar to this, and I liked it too much not to use.


Woo. Done with Canada finally. I'll wrap it up with a few things, and then I'll start my next one!

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Wow. Your color palettes are amazing. Those Thunderbirds kits are really cool. You made the royals, a boring name look awesome on London. And your secondary logos are so simple yet effective.

Great job and I am definitely looking forward to your. Next series... May I suggest Russia?

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London- Flawless. Reebok does have its own ugly form, but you made it look pretty cool. Great design.

Victoria- Logos are amazing, especially the primary. Not sure I'm feeling the circle around the logo on the jerseys, but other than that great job again.

Looking forward to the next part of the series!

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The US league kicks MAJOR bootay, and so does the Canada one now!

Can't wait 'till the UK league starts up...I already have a few suggestions in mind for that.

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The Royals look good, I like the secondary.

Victoria looks awesome, the logo is beautiful and the color scheme is great. I like the jerseys as well, the pattern made me think of sound waves, which works for a team named the Thunderbirds.

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