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Seattle Sea Lions


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I prefer the aqua set. I agree that a color scheme of blue & green would be too close to Vancouver- especially with them being but a stone's throw away. I'm not feeling the brown set. For some reason I'm getting an Anaheim vibe from it even if the Ducks are black and not brown. The teal set just seems more like Seattle. I imagine the white version will seem even more like the city's flag. Maybe a variation on the flag could be an interesting third alternate.

Yea, the brown's not getting a lot of love.

I think you're right on with some variation of the Seattle flag. Thanks.

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I guess I'll be the wet blanket, because I don't think this is anywhere near the quality of the Highlanders set you did.

There are other things I see, but they really aren't worth commenting on unless the direction or style of the concept is changed first.

Good C&C GFB.

The Highlander thing took me a LONG time to get it looking O.K.

I'm pretty much just starting this one, but you're right;

The style's a little all over the place.

I decided NOT to do the "First Nations" style (even though it would probably look pretty good) because it seems to be a little overused in that region.

It's a work in progress. Thanks for the advice.

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Well, I went back to the drawing board, and rethought the logos and colour scheme.

I referred to the Seattle flag, and First Nations art...


I applied the First Nations theme to the logos and added black to "pop" the colours...


On the uniforms, I added black to the aqua and orange, a la the Flyers;... black pants with black in the logos and numbers, but not in the striping.

On the home and aways I placed a very subtle watermark on the body in reference to the Seattle flag.

I used the "trident-sleeve" uni as an alt...




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I like the update quite a bit more than the original. The area where the body connects to the body doesn't flow well, in my opinion. The white space between the fin and the body should be more body, so that the body ends up as thick as the head. I hope that makes sense.

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hey sparky. can you go ahead and add brown to the teal jerseys as an accent? i want to see if that works.

Never thought of that Cody...

I'm terrible with colours.

Do you know of any teams that use that combo, so I could check it out?

no i don't.but thats what is cool about it. it will make em unique.

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keep the original sparky! this one looks too cannucks-ish.

I had the same first thought about the Canucks but int the end, thought, way to go.

Awesome work. A city background adds reality is'n it?

Don't know if its voluntary, your new Sea lion shape forms a S a la Roughriders!

Just gud stuff. Congrats and hat's off to a very talented person.

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It's like the uniforms of the Canucks, original Phoenix Coyotes NBA's Vancouver Grizzlies all bumped uglies one drunken night.

In all seriousness though, it is a very interesting effort. I wish more professional designers dared to at least try in unique directions.

But in terms of overall sport reality I like your first effort better. It seems more like something one might see in the NHL.

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keep the original sparky! this one looks too cannucks-ish.

I've got a "separated-at-birth" thing here...


Cody, you and husker, and bleuet, and bleujay are right. This is too similar to the Canucks to make this a starter.

I kinda thought that, but wanted to try the "Native" style anyway.

Will probably do something more like my first effort.

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