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MWC/CUSA Universities Announce Plans to Form New Conference


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I honestly think them stating a possible 24-team conference is a bit insane. Wonder if this means them taking a few MAC teams like Temple and Akron? Both have been trying to get out of the conference, and really Temple is just there for football anyway.

Temple wants the Big East first, although if they saw this things as a means to that end they might take it.

If Akron left the MAC, I'd assume it would be for the Horizon League/Missouri Valley Football Conference Combo.

Horizon may be a step up in basketball, only because of Butler. Take them out of the equation and it would be a step down. But MVC is a FCS conference. No way we're dropping down. If football was the only criteria Memphis would still be in C-USA.

Really? I can recall at least a few times in recent memory where the Horizon/MCC sent multiple teams to the NCAA tourney. Has the MAC ever done that? (Not being snarky, I honestly don't know.)

But yeah, I don't see Akron ever leaving the MAC. If they did, at least one of the other Ohio schools in the MAC would have to come with them.

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Didn't see this mentioned yet:

They are planning on possibly ending up with up to 24 teams.

They are planning on having 4 divisions of 4-6 teams each. The 4 division champions would play in a 2-round playoff to decide the conference champion. ( For Example: Divison a champion and Division b champion would play, and the winner would play the winner of Divison c and Division d in the Championship.). Assuming the NCAA allows that.

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