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North American League 2012 logos/uniforms


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I'd figured I would post this here... Buh bye Capitals....


The Edmonton Capitals have pulled out of the independent North American League, saying only three other Northern Division teams are committed to the circuit for 2012.

The team's presence in the league was seen as iffy by insiders after it became apparent travel mate Calgary Vipers were not going to field a team this season.

Such a shame for Edmonton & Calgary.

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Well the Texas (Southern) Division will definitely be playing. But it's a big question now if the Northern Division with only Yuma, Maui and San Rafael will play a game this year. Particularly given the travel costs to Maui for the lower 48 teams. They really need Fullerton and/or Chico to come through on their return(s).

Maui didn't even finish out the season last year. They're a team in theory only.

Well to be fair they didn't finish the season because it was a home and home series against the Lake County team which we all know was VERY troubled financially and legally and had already refused to fly to Maui. I wouldn't have returned the favor either.

Yes, but there was about three weeks' worth of regular-season schedule after that, and Na Koa Ikaika didn't play any of it. I'd lay money they don't see a pitch in the NAL this season.

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