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Maryland's Refusal To Play Georgetown In All Sports


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Based on this article, do you think the Hoyas owe the Terps a home and home series in basketball? Or should they just keep away from each other?



Personally, I am equally a big fan of both schools and I find it just stupid that JT3 and Georgetown wont schedule a game everyone in the DMV area[DC-Maryland-Virginia] has been begging for since the incident at the ol' Capital Center. If you take part in the BB&T Classic every year in the same building [Verizon Center] annually, then why not play each other in the nightcap?

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If your live depends on this information and you are too lazy to search yourself, see the 2009 AOLNews story.

The initial freeze was born of bad feelings and intense competition for area supremacy between Lefty Driesell and John Thompson, Jr. in the 1970s and '80s, and it has survived two coaches at each school since, including the incumbents, Williams and John Thompson III.

The same had happened in '01, and back in 1993, a game that carried so much baggage before and afterward (it was the season opener for both teams, Georgetown was ranked No. 1, Maryland was finally in recovery from crippling NCAA sanctions that predated Williams) that in retrospect, it's not a great surprise that there was no rush to resume regular matchups. Speculation at the time abounded that a game had been in the works at Maryland for the following season; true or not, it never took place.

One major complication: the site of a game today. The most logical neutral site, Verizon Center in downtown D.C., with easy access to both fan bases, is not neutral -- it's Georgetown's home court. In fact, many Georgetown supporters were said to be dismayed at the Maryland tilt of the crowd at the 1993 game, on what was also then the Hoyas' home floor, as well. Williams said he has no burning desire to play there. But Maryland's on-campus Comcast Center doesn't solve the problem, either, and Baltimore (which has a history with both schools, good and bad) has no suitable site; the city and state have only halfheartedly attempted to replace its 47-year-old downtown arena over the years.

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Well, Georgetown DOES have that small arena on campus...except the Hoyas always lose when they play in it.

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Kevin Anderson is a bonehead.

Maryland is not in any position whatsoever to be making demands of Georgetown. Maryland's Athletic Department is broke and their men's basketball program is lucky that it hasn't fallen completely off the map like their football program has. As much as Maryland likes to throw around their "prestige" in basketball, their athletic department is known as much for Len Bias and their students causing riots as it is for their hoops program.

Georgetown has no incentive to "renew" the rivalry with Maryland (you can't really renew something that has never existed to begin with). They can sell out games without the assistance of the Terps. And if they need strong non-conference opponents to flesh out their schedule, they can always call up one of the CAA schools for a home-and-home.

In other words, Maryland has no leverage. Yet they try to create it where there isn't any. It just makes Maryland look childish and petty.

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