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Championship titles since you were born


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April 30, 1993

Steelers - Super Bowl Appearences: XXX, XL, XLIII, XLV - Super Bowl Champions: XL, XLIII

Penguins - Stanley Cup Finals Appearences: 2008, 2009 - Stanley Cup Champions: 2009

Pitt Panthers - N/A

Pirates - Haaaaaahahahahaha

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Zero for the Denver Nuggets.

Two for the Colorado Avalanche.

Three for Connecticut Huskies basketball.

Two for the Boston Red Sox.

Two for the Denver Broncos.

One for the 10-13 year old Roll-O-Rena inline hockey team I played for roughly thirteen years ago.

I'm fairly certain that in all the years I played sports, and with all the sports I played growing up and being pretty good at, that was the only championship I ever won.

And for teams I follow(ed) with a passing interest...

One for the Rapid City Rush.

Two for the Colorado Eagles -- this is when I lived in Colorado and before the Rush even existed, let alone were rivals.

One for the Colorado Mammoth.

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San Francisco Giants World Series in 2010

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl in 2003

U of Tennessee Natuonal Championship in 1998

A handful of basketball championships for Tennessee's women's basketball team.

Sacramento RiverCats won the Brickyown Showdown twice.

That's about it.

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Born in 1982.

Like BlueSky, this one's easy: 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yeah, buddy! (I'm convinced that save for a blown call?that WAS a good catch, dammit!?they would've won the '99 season title, as well...and then Shaun "My Hand's Too Small To Throw The Ball" King's name would've become the answer to an NFL trivia question. But alas...neither of those happened.)

Florida State played in three NCAA football 'ships in the '90s, winning two. (We won't discuss that '96 Sugar Bowl up in here.) And since we're discussing Florida State, those of y'all who ain't up on what Leonard Hamilton's been doing with that basketball program might wanna turn an eye down towards Tallahassee at sone point...that squad is seriously on the verge of challenging for ACC supremacy...it'll only be a matter of time before they get on one of those magical tourney runs and maybe even break into a Final Four.

(And since I'm still talking about Florida State...if the baseball program can ever quit flaming out in the postseason, maybe we can include them in this discussion sometime soon.)

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Let's see:

My Leafies....oh wait, never mind.

The Blue Jays...ehhh...no.

How 'bout 'dem Raptors? Nothing? Oh...

Well the TFC hav- really? Aw, phooey.

The Toronto Marlies have won. No, wait a minute.... (But they gave us a good run this year; the closest a team I cheer for has gotten in my lifetime).

The Argos and Rock have won titles in my life. Of course, I've watched about 3 minutes of lacrosse in my life and I knew next to nothing about football when the Argos won it.

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Born in 1974...

  • Twins 1987
  • Twins 1991
  • Wisconsin hockey 2006 (note, they also won in 1977, 1981, 1983, and 1990 but I was still a kid in Minnesota...in fact I vaguely remember watching the 1981 game and being disappointed; they beat "my" Gophers.)

Since my school, Wisconsin, will never win a national title in basketball or football, I also enjoy the Rose Bowls (5 since I started school there) and the one Final Four (2000).

For the Vikings, T-Wolves, and Wild, I've seen trips to the conference finals. For the North Stars, two trips to the Stanley Cup Finals.

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AS Roma- a fan as long as I can remember

2000-01 Serie A ( I was only 4, but remember bits and pieces of the end of the Parma game and the parade after it).

2006-07, 2007-08 Coppa Italia

Yankees- Became a fan in 2006

2009 World Series

NY Giants-Became a fan in 2006

Super Bowl XLII, XLVI

Knicks- 0

NY Rangers-Ditto

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Born Dec 1990:

-3 Pittsburgh Penguins championships, though I only remember one. (and I only started caring about hockey and the team in general in the season before they won the 2009 Cup)

-2 St. Louis Cardinals championships (been a fan since '05, when I actually started following MLB)

-1 Auburn football national championship (and two other undefeated seasons, 1993 and 2004)

-0 Atlanta Hawks and Falcons championships

-0 Championships by my favorite MLS team (which I will have once the Southeast gets a team)

I've been pretty lucky so far, especially in the last 3 years.

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I have seen six championships involving my favorite clubs: Two each for the Green Bay Packers (1996 and 2010), Minnesota Twins (1987 and 1991), and University of Minnesota men's hockey (2002 and 2003).

I'm not counting all the various trophies that Arsenal have won over the last 40-odd years because I didn't adopt them until 2006, the year they moved into Emirates (and stopped winning trophies). I'm also not counting the Minnesota Stars from last year because I have yet to even attend a Stars game in person (though that will almost certainly change this year).

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Born 12/27/85

Broncos - '97,'98

Yankees - 5 of them since '96

Avalanche (former team) - '96-'97, '00-'01

Bruins (team since Pevs showed up) - '11

SC Stingrays - '96-'97, '00-'01 (Not counting '08 cuz I quit following them)

Michigan won in '97 (I dont count it because I wasn't a fan until 2003)

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Aug. 1989

Man Utd: Greatest run in their history. Self-explanatory.

St. Louis Cardinals: 2 (06, 11)

Vancouver Canucks: 0

Seattle Sonics: 0

Seattle Sounders: No MLS titles but back-to-back-to-back defending US Open Cup Champs

Sporting Clube de Portugal: 2 league titles (99-00, 01-02), 4 Portuguese Cups (94?95, 01?02, 06?07, 07?08)

Idaho Steelheads: 2 (04, 07)

Idaho Stampede: 1 (07-08)

Boise Hawks: 6 (91, 93, 94, 95, 02, 04)

BC Lions: 4 (94, 00, 06, 11) I find it interesting that two of those Grey Cups came in the same year the Canucks lost in the finals.

Colorado Mammoth: 1 (06)

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