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I need a favor


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Upcoming is National DNA Day.  Yeah, I know.  Anywhom, all the science faculty people at my school are going to wear T-shirts I'm designing.  On the back is a Warhol-esque design with four colored squares with DNA structures inside(see the Marilyn Monroe thing Warhol did).  Actually, it looks really cool.  But here is my problem.  I need to write NATIONAL DNA DAY in a circle--you know, arched letters that go around a circle. This is for the brest pocket area of the front of the shirt. However, my design program doesn't let me do anything like this unless I put each individual letter in and adjust the angle perfectly.  That's really hard and it still doesn't look good.  So if anybody here with an advanced program can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.  I want the top to be NATIONAL with the bottom of the circle saying DNA DAY.  All in a standard bold capital font.  All in medium red.  PLEASE HELP ME OUT.
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