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Favorite College Basketball Uniforms

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Forgot all about these... Texas has never looked better and I hope they stay with this for a long time.

Speaking of which, Wyoming uses a similar font and looks just as good.



I really like Marquette's jerseys, especially the light blue jersey.


I totally agree, and i was pissed when they tweaked the set this year, it made it look terrible compared to the previous set

Horrible New Tweeked Set

Eh... I like the tweaked set better. Those shoulder yokes were too clunky and distracting for me.

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Not to turn this into a post your favorite team's uniforms, I always liked the light blue and grey BYU uniforms of 1981 even more than their more traditional royal and white (with black outlines) ones:



I remember those Eric Leckner-Fennis Dembo era Wyoming uniforms. They were pretty sweet (even if I disliked the team).

A few more favorites:


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I'll second Texas' current set (their burnt orange one, that is):


You know exactly who they are by looking at them. Make the entire collar solid-colored and it's perfect.

And I'll rep the WCC with Gonzaga (anything with the pen line in numbers and script) and Saint Mary's (love Ye Olde English-like font):


I'm also fond of Michigan's classic and Michigan State's 2000s looks:


I'll post some more local (read: Utah-based) teams at another time.

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The Fab Five Michigan uniforms with the enormous block M on the side were great. When they wore them with black socks and shoes for the tournament, they carried more attitude than any team before or since.


These shorts were also about twice the size of the shorts anyone else wore at the time - they really started the trend of baggy shorts, for better or worse.

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I also liked these short lived Kentucky classics.


These are my favorite uniforms all-time at Kentucky.

Kind of a sad irony that those were to honor long-time equipment manager "Mr. Wildcat" Bill Keightly, who would have never let "his boys" on the court wearing those damned Nike manskirts from the SOD. It was well documented that he would tailor the shorts so they weren't so loose.

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