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Favorite College Basketball Uniforms

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There was a lot of design experimentation throughout the 70s - look at all the different styles Marquette wore (primarily because Al McGuire was affiliated in some way with either Sand-Knit or MacGregor) throughout the decade, not just the "untucked" look.

I'm not aware of any connections McGuire had with those companies, though that could very well be the case. But both of them were based in Wisconsin not too far from Milwaukee, so I have to believe geography was a primary factor... especially since MU wasn't the only school in Southeast Wisconsin to get experimental during that era:

Sorry; couldn't get back to this with the Nike/NFL mega threads clogging up the board. I had the timeline for Al McGuire wrong - Al became a VP for Medalist/Sand-Knit after he retired from Marquette. Makes sense since they did wear a bunch of different Medalist/Sand Knit styles during his tenure.

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Even though they emphasize everything about their "official" name that they're trying to get away from branding-wise, I always liked these Charlotte unis.

These aren't too bad either, and would look great as a throwback.

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Going through all those images, its painfully apparent that the manufacturers logo on the front has ruined college basketball jerseys.

Secondarily, the current dri-fit Nike sets pale in comparison to their previous generation late 90's to mid 00's - UConn, Maryland, Arizona prime examples.

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This may not fall into the category of "favorites," but I've always been fascinated by these 1988 KU alts. Alumni were outraged since yellow is Missouri's color, but now that they won't be playing each other, I'd love to see a return of a yellow alternate. I like it much more than the red alts (which they almost never wear, anyway).


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