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Mystery Player 5/28/04


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I began my NHL career with the Rockies in 1979 after playing in the AHL with the BIrgmingham Bulls. After 3 years in Colorado I was traded to the Blues in 1982, I was then dealt to the Flames at the deadline in 1988. After winning the Cup in Clagary in 1989 I joined the Maple Leafs. After 2 years in Toronto I joined the North Stars in 1991, spending just 1 year in Minnesota I was a member of the expansion Lightning in 1992, until being traded at the deadline later taht season to the Canadiens where I was on another cup winner. I would split the followings eason with the Candiens and Flyers as my career came to an end in 1994.

Who Am I?

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Yes - his present troubles aside, he was a great player and an absolutely lousy (quite possibly the worst ever) hockey broadcaster. I loved the Rammer when he played for the Note, but man when he came back to do color commentary, it was painful. His interviews with other players were excruciating to watch - he came off looking like a total dummy.

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