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Saathoffs Soccer Concepts


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A few thoughts...

LA Galaxy: I think if you're gonna go to the old scheme, make the yellow shirt/green shorts the primary. I'm not a huge fan of a white shirt with the green sash. Pick one Galaxy era or another, and stick to it, IMO.

Chicago Fire: Nearly perfect -- especially the badge! Would like to see a white shirt with sky blue stripes, but the existing options are excellent.

Toronto FC: I do like these, but I think the Toronto/Arsenal look is temporary -- wouldn't be surprised if the grey sleeves are gone next year. I do like the red/grey color scheme a lot, though.

One question: where did you get that number font? I love it -- wish that'd be the new MLS font!

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CJ: Once i clean somethings up in it, I'll be willing to share it with you :) I'm not to picky on holding my templates to myself. However the template is just a base, as i create new jersey looks it adds to what you can do with it. Just gotta be imaginative.

Digby: Thanks! After looking at LA I understand your feelings. I guess in a way you could change around what is home and away. At the time of making of them i just made kits and threw home or away on it. As for Toronto. I agree. I do like their Arsenal look so thats why I went with Nike for the time being.

As for the number font it's called "Liverpool FC" However I don't think Liverpool actually uses it for non EPL games. Where I found it, I dont remember. Sorry!




I kept the original look of the Philadelphia Union. I actually like the current Adidas kits they have, but my main change was to simplify it and get rid of the light blue used in the scheme. One reason being since Chicago is now using it in this series and Sporting KC's main color is that powder blue color.

Hope you like these kits.

Next up is: Impact de Montréal

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AWESOME work on the Union Kit, the home is practically flawless... although I would of liked to have seen some more color and variety in the clash kit. (still looks sharp though)

Also, I'm not completely sold on the absence of sky blue in the logo and replacing it with white, but I understand the logic.

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Not to much to explain here, I went with the "Inter stripe" Which was used in the crest for the home kit. However I jumped back to simplicity for the away and alternate kit. I really like the 2012 Montreal Away Kit, and how simple it is, and how well it pops. I also added a alternate kit, which is gray, just for fun.


Next Team Up:

Houston Dynamo

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That subliminal cross is pretty hard to see, especially on the striped jersey. Though that's odd to say, because I did notice it. Someone who knew nothing about the Impact would probably have a really tough time figuring out what shape it was.

It's a good-looking kit, nonetheless. I'm stoked to see what you do with Dynamo.

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Another home run with the Impact..... I was really hoping they would take on that "Inter" style look when they were announced, and especially after I saw the crest.... and the white alts are great as well and just looks like the classic USL-era impact.... although I do miss the Blue Tops- White Shorts combo a bit. The alts are nice too, but the Pink alts from a year or so back were nice and different.... I might of preferred to see that over the gray.

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Thanks both of you for the comments! Dabest13, I agree, I'm disappointed not to see the Inter style.

Aware Eagle: The point of the cross is like the current jerseys, It's a imprinted design, which is technically the same color but if the light hits it just right you can see it. A lot of MLS teams have this like Seattle and SKC.

And we move oonnnnnnn....





Houston Dynamo

Went to Puma kits for the Boys in Orange. I felt the classic Puma style kit looked really good in Houston Orange and Black.

Next Up:

Seattle Sounders FC

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This is the first one I'm not really crazy about..... in my opinion the Houston identity should always have the orange shirts with WHITE shorts for a primary at least.... black incorporated in an Alt or as a secondary might be alright, but not in the primary.

Also, as a 3rd color I love the the Light Blue look that Houston has incorporated in the past. A full on powder blue 2nd or 3rd would work great with their identity in my opinion.

Also, I'm was never crazy about the rays inside the shield, but it looks a bit baron without them.... the championship stars moving down help a bit I suppose, but the one star in the crest previously I thought symbolized the Lone Star state..... so thats where I take issue.

I like the concept as a whole, just not for the Dynamo identity.

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Thanks dabest13. Completely understand what you mean. I don't have the best history of Houston. Glad you like the design, the way you described it I can understand why you dont like it for Houston though.





Seattle Sounders FC

First off I'll start by saying I'm a SSFC Supporter, and I'm president of the ECS Sub-Group the Heartland Horde (Midwest ECS Group)

For Seattle I kept with a simple design like the 2011 kit, but dropped to the silver straps and made the side details smaller. I also added a alternating two shades of green bar style to the kit sort of like Chelsea's current blue kit.

For away I kept the shale/black. Seattle has really embraced this color with their kits and warm-ups along with multiple supporter groups.

And of course Seattle is known for really wild and bright kits, so I merged the original 3rd kit with the 2nd 3rd kit to make a bar style kit. I know it's wild, but the Seattle FO loves the bright color uniforms for international competition. Not saying I like the bright colors, but it's something different, and quite interesting.

Also the Xbox sponsorship comes up soon, and rumor has said Fly Emirates is putting in a bid to take the spot from Microsoft. So I thought I'd show what the kit could look like with the FE on the kit

Next Up:

CD Chivas Los Angeles

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Not bad from San Jose, I like the addition of the bar.... although I wish they would go back to using Blue as their primary.... maybe mix the shorts and the tops up a bit too.....

also a red 3rd going back to the NASL days would be cool since you are incorporating the 1978 on the back collar:


I still think this is the best they ever looked:


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These are certainly switchable. I based it off what your FO currently has done. I do like blue home kits better for you. However the black is a beautiful kit. (speaking about the current RL one)

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