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color switch contest


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ok heres my first contest proposal make a hockey jersey with any NHL team and change their color set with any other color set of any other team in teh same city has teh nhl team..example make teh bruins concept red and blue liek teh red sox..it has to be an origional concept...

contest ends june first where there will be voting

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Good idea Stimpy....think I'm gonna give this one a try.If Cole does'nt object then I'll try my hand at the Dallas Starboys.Cole if you would rather do them then I'll just do the Atlanta Thralcons.

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robbman21, go ahead and do my stars... it's fine with me...

if i get some time, i might try my hand at the nashville predatitans.

so..... who wants to try pittsburgh? :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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