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A LOGOlympiad Challange of a different kind.....


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First off, before I state the challenge at hand, I first want to apologize to Winters in Buffalo for borrowing his "Logolympiad" Challenge concept for this particular challenge.

But as you'll see....."Logolympiad" is the only fitting way to term this particular challenge.

The challenge.......create a logo for LOGO, a new MTV channel aimed at the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community due for launch on February 17, 2005

-- You can use any colors or images for this one

-- There is no deadline for this one

Cant wait to see what wonderful images this might conjure up....... :D

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And for those who might not believe this channel really will exist or think this is a joke..........

MTV to launch gay-lesbian digital cable channel next year

LOGO, a digital cable channel aimed at the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, will launch Feb. 17, 2005, in several big markets across the nation.

The announcement was made Tuesday by MTV Networks, a division of Viacom, which owns CBS. MTV Networks includes MTV, MTV2, Comedy Central, Spike TV, CMT, VH1, TV Land and Nickelodeon.

"Despite our nation's progress in civil rights and the growing visibility of LGBT people in business, society and even television programming, what had been missing was a home, a home on television, that this audience can really call their own," said Tom Freston, MTV Networks chairman and CEO. "After a very thorough development and research process, we believe that with this new network we're going to start making that home."

LOGO will be a 24-hour channel offering a mix of original and acquired programming that's "honest, smart and, above all, entertaining," he said.

Forty original series and specials ideas are in development, and 20 more have advanced to the pilot stage, said Judy McGrath, president, MTV Networks Group. Several have been developed jointly with VH1, Comedy Central, TV Land and MTV, she said.

"We are also working closely with the rest of the Viacom family to develop original programming with Showtime and CBS News that would work for LOGO," she said.

These could range from partnerships with MTV's True Life documentary series to a TV Land series about the history of gays on television. Also in the works, with VH1, is a special called Gay 100, which comments on the intersection of gays and pop culture.

"This will not be C-SPAN for LGBT people," she said. "We are a lifestyle and entertainment channel."

Nor will it be a network about sex and sexuality.

"It's a full-service network, about all the different interests of gay and lesbian people, from talk shows to documentaries," said Freston.

The network will premier initially in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. Talks have been held with Time Warner Cable to provide the service elsewhere.

The channel is projected to be in 10 million to 14 million homes by the end of 2005.

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To drive up the interest for this challenge...........

The winner or best logo's could be submitted to MTV for actual use, as MTV has yet to create a logo for LOGO.

This could gain the designer a little recognition as well as possibly some extra dough along with it. (the "dough" part is entirely up to MTV, not funded by me)

Just a thought.......

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i support the idea of this network, i suppose... in that i don't plan to protest it :) but really... isn't that kind of stupid? homosexuals aren't a different species. they don't really need a DIFFERENT music channel, do they? do gay people as a whole have different musical tastes than the rest of society? not from what i've gathered... but meh... if mtv wants to give them a new channel, i won't get in their way... it just seems a little goofy....

i'll just stick to comedy central, sports, and cartoon network...

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I don't see a problem with a Gay-&-Lesbian specific network, although it will probably drive down Bravo's viewership. I'm sure gays and lebians would love to have shows they produce or themed around them that don't play on perpetual stereotypes. With the exception of "Queer as Folk",and maybe "The L-Word", I don't think there are any other gay-themed shows on TV that aren't based on big stereotypes. As funny as "Queer Eye" is, it is totally based on the stereotypes that all gay men are cultured, trendy designers. But then again, it is owned by MTV, so I wouldn't hope for anything high-brow.

And to refer to ColeDMD, Blacks (or "African-Americans") aren't their own species, but you have BET, BlackStarz and MTVJamz, and a few other assorted shows catered specifically toward blacks (most of UPN as well).

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slapshot... you said it perfectly...

BET, MTVJamz, and Black Starz... those are based totally on black stereotypes, from what i've seen. they only play rap music and they show movies like undercover brother. i'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but it just seems goofy. a few black guys on my old hockey team hated those channels, because they said it tried to boil down black people to an exact science of what a black man "should like".

i think those channels are stupid as well. personally, i think undercover brother is a relatively funny movie, and i enjoy my fair share of rap music on occasion. i don't have a problem with their of those things existing, but when you play those things, and market it as "this is what black people are supposed to like", then it's pretty stupid.

i just see the same thing happening to for LOGO channel. i've been friends with this one gay guy since we were both in elementary school.. we watch the same things on TV. he likes sports. he likes video games. he likes the same music. he thinks the same movies are funny... what would they show on a "gay network" that would offer something extra to gay people that isn't available on every other channel? i just think it's goofy to make such a big deal about it. someone's ethnicity/sexuality is such a tiny portion of their personality, that it doesn't really effect anything except the color of their skin, or the gender of their sexual partners. unless this LOGO channel is going to be based completely on sex 24 hours a day, i don't see the relevance of labelling it a channel for homosexuals.

is television going to be completely segregated, with seperate, but equal channel listings? where we've got the "straight southern white man" channel, that play nothing but nascar, country music, and the man show? that's the stereotype for my demographic, and i personally am not a fan of any of those things. television being divided into sexual preference, ethnicities, and genders just sounds so idiotic to me. it relies on nothing but stereotypes. it's definately a step in the wrong direction, in my books.

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Forget about the logo, he should have a show. It can be about a bunch of gay guys who like sports and drink beer and play ball on the weekends...

Guys who wear old jeans and baseball caps and have facial hair.

Guys who work a job other than fashion designer or interior decorator.

Guys who like boobies (OK, that's a stretch).

Guys who drive pickup trucks and mow thier own lawns.

Guys who have low voices and no lisps.

Guys who don't worship shoes and Holywood divas.

Guys who eat steak

...and for each show, they could pick some fruity little nancy-boy priss, take him out to a game, down a few cold ones and show him that it's still OK to be a man.

Maybe they can call it "Bear Eye for the Over-hyped Media-fueled Gay Stereotype"

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is television going to be completely segregated, with seperate, but equal channel listings? where we've got the "straight southern white man" channel, that play nothing but nascar, country music, and the man show?

What, you don't remember the old TNN? :D

About Bamboozled Exploitation Television... I wish it would've gone off the air the moment Bob Johnson sold out. I understand it's around because there was a time that MTV didn't play videos by black artists, but now it's more like a place for racists to confirm their sterotypes than anything.

So now that this new gay network is going to be owned by viacom too, I'm afraid it probably will be nothing but a bunch of fruity guys prancing around talking about fasion and grooming. I doubt homophobia (I really hate that term) would be as much of a problem if the media would just show gay men who were into "regular guy" things.

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