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Best ballpark skylines?


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I always though the Citgo sign was from a local gas station

Nope. Side view of the sign which is just on top of a building.


The sign is massive though. You see it before you even see the park.

I live down the river a bit (not in a van) next to the Garden which is about 2 or so miles away and I can still see it clearly. It is indeed massive.

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This thread deserved a revive. This one was mentioned before, but a picture was never posted.

The Ballpark at Harbor Yard, Bridgeport, CT - Home of the Bluefish (independent)


"Once you get used to the smell of melted hog fat, you'll wonder how you ever did without it."

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Always thought Canada's only other MLB affiliated team, the Canadians at Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver, BC had great skyline behind the wall with Queen Elizabeth Park there. Not buildings obviously but some very fine tree specimen representatives of Pacific NW (or west in Canada's case).


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I would go with my top 3 as...

1) SF

2) PIT

3) MIA

The rest are all pretty :censored:ty.

Skylines? SF doesn't really look at any skyline other than McCovey Cove and the warehouse on the other side of it (and very distantly Oakland. Miami being enclosed like it is doesn't really have a view of anything at all.

Pittsburgh however I'll grant you. Of all parks PNC probably has the best skyline view of any park in at least MLB if not baseball.

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Not the most spectacular, but very California. The Diamond in Lake Elsinore home of the Padres High-A affiliate Lake Elsinore Storm has a great view of the Temescal Mountains beyond the outfield fence forming its skyline.


Reminds me a little of the old Oakland Coliseum (only bit better), before it became what is probably the worst view in all of baseball with Mt. Davis looming over the field.

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I like the panorama of Kauffman Stadium, but wouldn't apply any superlatives to it, other than maybe "most Denny's in the background."

I like it also, though to be fair, it really just looks like a giant highway rest stop on steroids. Nice highway though.

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but I still think Whataburger is a hilariously bad corporate name,

I can see that but it's good eats and they are all over the place in Texas so maybe I'm just used to it.

For me, University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix but not named for Phoenix or a university in Phoenix is the single worst stadium name.

Smoothie King Arena tops both.

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Franklin Field


Not sure when this pic was taken, but today you should see the under-construction FMC tower in the foreground, and the core of the CITC next to Comcast 1, which will dominate this view when it's completed in a couple of years.

If the rumors of Cira 2 surpassing CITC in height come true, then the view from a little to the right will blow this one away.

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