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Rochester Elite Inline Hockey: Help Name Our Team!


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1. Rochester Attack

2. Rochester Phantoms

3. Rochester Hornets

4. Rochester Blizzard

5. Rochester Storm

6. Rochester Red Hawks

7. Rochester Roller Hawks

8. Rochester Bandits

9. Rochester Monarchs

10. Rochester Dynamo

Thank you to everyone who votes, we appriciate it volumes. The twelve and under's submitted some of these nicknames and I added a few that I liked myself. Once we get a total of 50 votes we will announce the team name then offer a monetary prize ($150-200?) for anyone that makes us a logo or word mark that we use. We will most likely keep 2 logos and 1 or 2 wordmarks. Also, if anyone has any nicknames to suggest we would be happy to hear them. The organization will recognize the creator by linking them or acknowledging them on our website and possibly jersey if they have a logo of their own. The staff of the Rochester Elite Inline Hockey Club would like to thank everyone in advance that assists us in this process. PM me if you have any questions.

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Neck and neck with 46 votes to go OOOOOH BOY!...Monarchs actually does have a bit of history in the local hockey community. What now is called the Rochester Jr. Americans was the Rochester Monarchs, the first Jr. hockey team in the city as far as I know. If I can find my old programs I'll see if I can scan the logo.

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Just a quick update. Our budget will allow us to pay the winner $165 for their service if chosen. I know many of you, if not all work for more and deserveidly so but this is all we have to work with. Once we get our 50 votes I will announce the team name and possibly colors (depending on the discounts we get on team gear). The creator of the logo that we used will be paid via PayPal or cashiers check through mail, which ever is easier for you.

We appriciate the votes!



Red Hawks-1

All Others-0

42 votes remain...

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