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Continental Independent Baseball League: the Expansion


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Guest darkpiranha

Somehow I completely missed this when it was actually being posted. Amazing stuff. This should have gotten as much attention as the current hotness concept leagues. Here's a vote for finishing it off.

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Ottawa Stags
Ottawa, ON


I told you it'd be back! For anyone who followed this series, big apologies for the almost two-year delay. This work kinda got lost among everything else I was doing, but I'm going to try to post it all, really just to finish it off. (In fact, I started an expansion CIBL project, so if I have time to finish the last remaining bits, I'll post all of that too...) So here we go.

The Stags' colors are a bit odd--wine, navy, rose, and gray--but hopefully they work together. The type and the wordmarks are very stylized, including flourishes on the interior of the characters. The cap logo is a simple stylized O. For the unis, I went with the O instead of a "Stags" wordmark, because I liked the classic simplicity. The alternate logo is the stag head set within a stylized diamond.





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Has it already been two years? It's been a fast two years for me...anyway that deer looks so slick and majestic. Love the pose.

My only two complaints would be:

1. With a baseball that big, the seams should have more detail, so we can see the individual seams (although I know for me personally seams can be a pain)

2. The legs get lost among the trees kind of.

I think a stag stand-alone logo would look really nice.

Very inspiring stuff here.

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Portland Chinook
Portland, OR


Colors here are marine green and forest green, with touches of silver and pink. For the wordmarks, I wanted a wavy, rising effect to evoke moving upstream against river rapids, and the cap logo is a simple stylized P, whose colors mimic those of the chinook: silver on top and a white belly. The alternate logo/sleeve patch is a stand-alone chinook (which is also in the shape of a C).





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Salt Lake City Cougars
Salt Lake City, UT


Anyone who followed PuckDrawn has seen most of this before. Colors are burnt orange, purple, and gray. The Cougar--which is also the cap logo--is very stylized. The home wordmark is a classic baseball script, while the road wordmark uses the custom type. The sleeve patch features a cougar print set over a western mesa scene within a baseball diamond. (That one may not be working that well...)





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Thank you for bringing this back!!! First off, your Stag is a thing of beauty and done perfectly! Portland Chinook, another really sharp looking set that you put a lot of thought into, and finally, your Cougars have a very classic, yet modern feel to them, great work all around, good to have this project back!

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