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Continental Independent Baseball League: the Expansion


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Only Vanouver and Wichita left by my count? Can't wait for Wichita!

Love almost everything about the recent sets...

- Salt Lake...of course I remember that logo but I just love the colors and the font (both the script and for the SLC type). Gorgeous.

- Portland...everything about this is awesome, love the colors, love the logo...the light green and pink really just pop off that deep green background.

- San Antonio is brilliant...my only critique is you used the vertical bat (to better effect imo) in the Portland logo. I don't think the bat is needed on the otherwise amazing Armadillos logo.

- San Jose...I second DL Watt the logo is pure art but I think the gold J makes the hat logo look unbalanced.

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So I never paid attention to this thread because it was Baseball and I don't think I know enough to judge what is good or bad, but I decided I'd give this thread a look because it had a good amount of views and comments..... I have to say, these are all amazing! Your creativity level is off the charts and every one of your designs is perfect! I love your use of colour, it's one thing I find the MLB fails to use and most of the identities are boring, grey this, white that, black over here; you actually used the colours to their full potential! Fantastic job!

My favourites will have to be Portland Road Alt for sure, but I also like SA Home Alt,SLC Home Alt, Boise Home Alt, Columbus Home Alt, Hartford Home, Hartford Road Alt, Indy Road Alt, Jax Home Alt, Jax Road Alt, Vegas Home Alt, Nashville Home Alt, NO Road Alt, and the Ottawa Road Alt

For hats, I would buy a snapback of Abq Spirits in a heartbeat! I also like Columbus', Indy's, Jax's, OKC, Omaha, and Ottawa

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Vancouver Bears
Vancouver, BC


A lot of you may have seen most of this before. This one is a recycled concept, though in the opposite direction: it was originally created for this series, then I used the logos and typography for a Puckdrawn concept. So it's been shown before, but hopefully it's worth taking another look at in this context.

Colors are dark blue, gray, sea foam, and bright green. The cap logo is simply the V. The wordmarks feature a home script (based off an old cap) and an arched road mark using the custom type.





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I was sad when I remembered that Vancouver has the Cayucos in the NFL because I was hoping you would use this one for that. This is my all time favorite concept! Did you ever consider using Spirits for the name instead?

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Amazing series.

Only thing I can say, despite the logo and uniforms being tremendous - the name Buffalo Freeze gets on my nerves a little bit. Non-plural names in baseball grind my gears, as well as having a "winter" themed team in a summer sport like baseball just seems awkward to me... Still a masterpiece of a thread though

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