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Some Work on the NBA

Berlin Wall

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Will someone please make a real life version of that Nuggets vest and send it to me?!


Brooklyn Nets - Lovely jerseys, I actually like the black shield on white but maybe the shields could be a bit lower, and go for broke is right about those black shorts.

Detroit Pistons - Solid. Nice jerseys, nothing I got too excited about but good work.

Denver Nuggets - I LOOOOOVE IIIIT! I want it in my wardrobe, I want it in other peoples wardrobes, and if my wardrobe had its own wardrobe, id want it in there too. Im a big retro fan and in my humble opinion, its awesome. Im a big fan of your soccer concepts and im becoming a fan of yours in general.

Nice work

PS - I really like that Nuggets jersey... biggrin.gif

I could get it made up for you with of course permission from Berlin Wall

I refer you to here:

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After I searched in my computer I found some jerseys that I didn't post here. I think I'm going to work some other teams on but I will slightly change my template because some were arguing it being stereotypical. I'm sorry for that!

PS: This Warriors logo is from someone from this forum. I found it years ago and don't know who created this any more.


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That Rocket set is fantastic. One of my favorites I've seen for any team on this board. The rest are great too. Any chance you could do the Thunder next?

Thank you all!

I actually thought about making a Thunder set a lot. But I actually don't have that much ideas for that franchise, especially with the current colours. Maybe I will do it, but with an other colour scheme.

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What does the side view look like for the Rockets? Is it 2 single stripes on the front and back. Or is it just one stipe coming to a point in the center?

Love all of your concepts. You have my exact taste for slightly modernizing most teams retros! ...only in a perfect world!

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Sorry, I don't really understand your question. I think there is nothing to misunderstand with the Rockets' side panels.

So, maybe I tried to hard this time. But I thought that the Thunder really need something that the Hornets or Raptors had in the 90s. Something exciting. Tell me what you think.


PS: If you see a hint to the old Supersonics, this was not intended!^^

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