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Some Work on the NBA

Berlin Wall

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Here's my take on the Atlanta Hawks for the next season!

The shorts design should have the same leaning as the chest stripe. I think that could look pretty cool.




I really like these. It's classic yet modern. Have you done one with their current colors?

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I like them a lot, except in the away and alternate jerseys, the buck looks too creepy, maybe add a small green pupil, because the all white looks weird

I actually had the exact same thoughts! See what I can do.

Edit: Did this!



Ya, the change in green colour tone to match the stripes makes the jerseys look a lot cleaner now, especially the alt.

,but when expanding it the buck's eyes still look creepy (like it has just pure white eyes), if you like add an extra small dot in the green tone (as a pupil) it might fix the problem, but that will wreck the whole buck logo. I think if you leave it like how it is it looks great.

EDIT: Ya man just leave it was just a weird nit pick that I don't think anyone will notice except me...looks great keep them coming!

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Berlin Wall I know this is off topic, and I'm sorry about this before hand.

I've seen your other templates from the soccer/football designs, the ones like World Cup 2018 and MLS and such, please can you tell me were you got those templates, because they look amazing.

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I really like the design of the Bucks set. I also think it is a little too similar to the Celtics being just green and white. I think it would look great with a purple outline around the lettering and numbers, and maybe even a thin purple stripe on the trim of the shorts and jersey. You could use red instead of purple too.

The black set for the Hawks is great too. The colors really pop off the black.

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I actually liked the green on green Bucks wayyy better. The outlines were one color which really made for a such nice clean look.

Adding purple bumps the design up to three colors which makes it a little too busy. If you keep the purple I would try dropping one shade of green.

One other thought is to go with just the antlers on the side. Kind of like what Texas hoops did a few years back with the horns. NCAA+Basketball+Tournament+Second+Round+

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I came here to write how i only like them using gold as trim, but the more i look at your concepts, the more i like them. Perhaps try a version with gold only as trim anyway? Can you also try one with the lighter shade of green they used in the late 80s, early 90s set? Maybe the cursive wordmark style for the alternates?

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