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Some Work on the NBA

Berlin Wall

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Could someone point me to the thread where I can download the court template used here?

I'm sorry if this wasn't what you were looking for, but can I use your latest NBA template (the one used here), if I do release the designs I will give you full credit it for it.

Please, and thankyou.

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I love that Pistons set! Their current set had never done much for me. I like the "fauxback" vibe I'm getting from this set.

The only thing I don't like is the throwback logo, but I don't like the current logo either, so that's not your fault.

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Loving everything about that Pistons set. I really like how you rendered the wordmarks--making the letters get narrower at the bottom--and the font used for the wordmarks and numbers. Also really like the round collar and the jersey/pants trim, as well as the striping/logo lockup on the shorts. The return to the classic logo with the newer font was a great choice, IMO. Their current logo is very late 90s/early 00s.

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Berlin Wall, i just love your NBA work and wish you had control of the NBA lol. Love the new template too! The new template gives the Sonics and Pistons look an almost soccer kit look. I don't like it...I LOVE it. ;)

I was wondering today if anyone had done any concepts based on the current Houston Rockets brand, and a Google search left me wanting. Most concepts are based on the 80s-90s Rockets look. That of course is awesome, but since I've abandoned hope that the Rockets owner will ever change this current brand, i was hoping you could try a concept for the Rockets while keeping the current logos and wordmarks. Perhaps a stab at a red and silver one and a red and golden yellow? Whichever color they have been using in advertisements are different i believe. The red shirts IMO, have a more golden yellow to them while the yellow shirts look very vibrant yellow. (there will be a yellow city pride sleeved uni next season)



My personal opinion, is a red and gold like this would be best for the Rockets:


Utilizing both home and away wordmark and both primary and secondary logos in the uniform concept would be great.

If you don't like the brand at all to even touch it, maybe something based on one of the two 70s uniforms?



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