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I would like to have some suggestions on team names. The ones in red, need names and city locations. Ones that are not in red, I'm pretty much content on sticking with those names unless someone suggest something better. So, fire away with suggestions of anything that can help! Thanks.


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North: New York Emperors, New York Stars

South: Washington Ambassadors


North: Sacramento Gold, Sacramento Bears, Detroit Speed

South: Memphis Blues, [Little Rock] Arkansas Diamonds, Wichita Wizards, Birmingham Steel

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Jacksonville Stingrays. Also, trying to think of a good Navy-related term for Jacksonville. I like Admirals, but you already have Commodores, and Commodore and Admiral are two different naval ranks.

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-Atlanta Cenntenials (1996 Olympics were held there)

-Jacksonville Tigersharks

-DC Federals


-San Antonio Sheriffs

-Glendale Deserthawks

-Santa Fe Rattlers

Also, switch Utah to the North, and put Sacremento in the Pacific.

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North(east): New York Dutchmen

South(east): Jacksonville Rivermen, Washington Federals, Atlanta Express


North: Detroit Velocity, Sacramento Senators

South(west): Oklahoma City Wildcatters, Houston Rattlers, San Antonio Sentinels

By the way, I'd move Detroit to the Eastern Conference's Central Division and Iowa to the Western Conference's North Division. Also, I'd move Salt Lake and Denver to the Western Conference's North Division with Seattle and Sacramento to the Western Conference's Pacific Division.

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Just some random ideas I thought weren't half bad. Feel free to use or discard. Good luck with this project.

New York Brutes

Jacksonville Captains

Sacramento Express (Based on the Pony Express. Sacramento was on one end of the route.)

Albuquerque Serpents

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