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Morgo's Hand Drawn NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning Final Update (07/09/2014)


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Next update!

Washington Capitals 3.0
Went back to version 1 with some differences. I was finally able to match the bronze, which was my intention from the beginning, and simplified the sock striping. I decided not to go with a blue alternate because there are so many blue jerseys in this league already. C & C appreciated, thanks for looking :)


Washington Capitals 2.0

Washington Capitals 1.0

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The Jets' template is really nice, and I like what you did with the collar, but I can't get behind that awful '70s logo. Regarding the Caps, I've already commented on them, so I'm happy with that update,


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2nd last concept of the series and another entry in the Original Six

New York Rangers 2.0
This is the only team in my league to have four jerseys. Lady Liberty is just too good a logo to not be used full time and frankly... so is the diagonal script motif in all it's variations. For this reason I opted for four interchangeable primaries that will see equal action over the season. I added the primary logo to the homes to offset the lack of interest in that area while the classic yokes of roads remained untouched. C & C always appreciated, thanks for looking :) I'll post the last concept on Thursday.


New York Rangers 1.0

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Well this is it, the last concept of the series. Thank you to everyone who commented and provided inspiration.

Dallas Stars 4.0
For this update I would like some help as there is still a chance I'll use 3.0. This version replaces gold with silver and eliminates the shoulder to sleeve yokes. Thanks for looking :)


Dallas Stars 3.0

Dallas Stars 2.0
Dallas Stars 1.0


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LOVE IT! Amazing series, I will definitely be looking out for your future concepts. GREAT!!!

Version 4 for the Stars is perfect! I'm not a fan of version 3 because I don't think gold works with their new logos.

Also congrats on finishing this series, it was great seeing such quality hand drawn concepts.

Appreciate it guys!

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This series ended this February but I decided some more updates were needed. Here is the first of 5 I've done over the past month...

Phoenix Coyotes 3.0

Over time I've grown more fond of the Coyotes current logo though I still think dropping hunter green and purple was a mistake. This concept splits the difference between era's. The striping is more or less the same as version one with some added sublimation as a final touch. C & C appreciated, thanks for looking :)


Phoenix Coyotes 2.0

Phoenix Coyotes 1.0

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Thank you for the kind words! Here is another team that was in desperate need of an update... *I am slowly restoring all the old concepts that were deleted from my imageshack account*

Vancouver Canucks 3.0

The spaces between the stripes have been removed, the blue has been slightly darkened and the shoulder patches replaced with something simpler. For the Alternate, I decided to ditch the Flying V and go with a striping pattern that resembled the first Orca jerseys. The Johnny Canuck head returns as the main crest in a non-rounded "V." As always C & C very much appreciated, thanks for looking :)


Vancouver Canucks 2.0


Vancouver Canucks 1.0


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