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Logo Revolts


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Forgot to add, the bottom was supposed to be the cap logo.

It's too bad they backed out of this. I love this as a minor league identity.

I don't know if a team in New Hampshire, which is firmly Red Sox territory, would want to come close to invoking the Yankees' Uncle Sam hat, though.


IIRC, it was less about that (after all, the logos remain very popular today) and more about "We don't want to be known solely for a once-every-four-years political stunt.").

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Marquette sees your 'logo' revolt and raises you a 'renaming your team the Marquette Gold' revolt.


At least a good logo came out of that whole debacle:


But yeah, MU could've saved themselves a lot of future headaches if they'd have just reverted to Hilltoppers or Golden Avalanche upon dropping the Warriors tag.

That's canceled out by their 'Fighting Chickens' logo that was released at the same time :P


Actually, the Chicken wasn't around until a couple years after the monogram. That was also around the time they started prominently featuring powder blue on their uniforms, yet it still hasn't shown up in any of their logos. And this is supposed to be a major program?

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