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Minnesotans! (and others, too)


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I put this here, because I'm not trying for it to be a Forum League. If it becomes it, cool, but I know there are many already.


After a brief hiatus from the Fantasy Football world, I've decided to re-open my doors to it's calling. My friends have wanted me to get back into it for sometime, mainly because they missed kicking my butt in the later years, but nevertheless they did miss it.

I know, I know...you might be saying, 'Not another one.' That's good and fine. I'm not looking for it to be an official CCSLC league. I just know that there are some Minnesotans that frequent this place, and I'd like to offer a membership unto them.


Because I would like to have a travelling trophy, as well as a plaque with which they keep after their year of reign has ended. Plus, a get together to award the trophy and any other accolades that'll come about throughout the years.

This, by all means, does not prohibit anybody else from applying. Heck, I'd like to have as competitive a league as possible. So, please, apply if you would be interested in an upstart (but not by Commish standards) Dynasty League for which to bring your hellfire to.

The link below is a Wordpad download of the rulings thus far. Everything is discussable, so if you see any problems with it, and would really like to join, let me know.

Fantasy Football Rulings (v.1) [C&P, please]

Respond in this thread and I can throw up a team Identity Questionaire to fill out.

Thank you, all, and Goodnight.

[AD - NCFA] Arctic University Kodiaks (5-1-0, CONF 0-0-0)

[Owner - NABA] Arctic Menace (18-12)

Copying JQK and CC



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