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Every Olympic Logo since 1924


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Those are bid logos, almost always radically different from the end design.

Rio is official, Chicago was a rejected bid logo, replaced with this.

To add detail, it was rejected because the torch is not allowed to be in the (bid?) logos. It was originally the official bid logo before that happened.

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Gotta go with Torino. The Munich logo kills my eyes. The Rome logo, it looks like they're trying to milk that thing.

Would love to hear the reasoning behind the design direction of some of these logos.

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Always liked Mexico 68, Lillihamer 94, Torino 2010, and I like Rio's for 2016.

One of the worst are any of the colorized versions from this year. After reading one of the articles from the Guardian newspaper when it came out all I can see is Lisa Simpson doing something unspeakable. :shocked:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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