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Brooklyn Nets Logo Concept


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Just a sketch so far.

I really like what I've got here so far. But I'd really like to get some fresh eyes on this and see what you all think of it.

I'd really like to get some opinions/comments/critiques/questions on this because I really like it, but I'm sure it could improve. So if you all could be kind enough to offer your opinions, I'd really appreciate it. I'm look forward to hearing what the members of the boards have to say.

I also have a wordmark that I might post later, but I'm not quite satisfied enough with it to post.


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Yeah, I agree with Heitert. For a logo in sketch format, it looks great, and I think it has some real potential as a digitized logo. The only thing I would do is get rid of the net line inside the L just because it's a little distracting. Looking forward to seeing this digitized!

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I think it's a really good start, and definitely better than what they have now. I'm really excited to see how this looks cleaned up and polished. Cohenj21 already said my only critique about the part of the net inside the "L". It just doesn't look right and makes the letter look strange. Other than that, I enjoy it.

Yea, and that "Y" in the net is clever. Good job.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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