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Major League Football (my fictional concept league)


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This project is finally finished please look on page 33 for all of the teams in order.

Here are all of the logos for each team


Third time is the charm I hope as I have probably 80% of the teams done now.

This league started when I was kid playing football with my GI Joe's while creating team & player names for them.

I have been trying for the last couple of years to bring this league to life so to speak.

To get things going I will post the teams alphabetically by city name until I am done.

Now for some fictional background on the league to let you know how it started.

The league has roots to the earliest days of football but actually began in 1940 when 12 teams joined together to become the premier american football league.

The league has grown to 32 teams with the last expansion in 2002.

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The Atlanta Blazers!!


The year was 1968 when the Blazers began play.

The year previous Atlanta was awarded the expansion team & through fan balloting picked the Blazers name.

The Blazers have been an average team never making it to the MLF Championship.

The franchise has begun to piece together some pieces to finally get the Championship game.

One of the final steps was hiring Rob Riley this past offseason, who at 31, is the youngest coach in MLF history.

The team has drafted well the last three years getting starters RB Rashaan Stewart in 2010, LB Mario Rogers in 2011, & LT Anthony Terry in 2012.

Unknown undrafted QB Jim Fasano became the starting quarterback after 9 seasons of practice squads, playing in minor leagues, & being a backup.

The 2012 season could be the start to getting an MLF Championship Atlanta fans have been hoping for.

Here are the teams current logos & uniforms. C & C as always.



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I really don't won't to tip my hand yet on all the teams especially since they are some that are not finished & could change.

I plan on doing this alphabetically but will skip a few teams I imagine since I do not have one done that will be coming up in the next three.

I will come back to those but I want to post as many as I can that are done.

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The Baltimore Bombers!


The year was 1948 when Baltimore began play. At the time they were simply named the Baltimore Athletics Football Club.

In 1950, owner Jim Lawrence picked Bombers as the team name because of the B-26 Marauder plane used in World War 2 that was produced in Baltimore.

The Baltimore franchise has been struggling for over 50 years after winning three MLF Championships in the 51', 56', & 57' seasons.

Hope has begun for the franchise since head coach Vic Roman arrived in 2006.

The team drafted franchise RB Warren Davis in that same year.

And the signing of free agent veteran QB Brett Sullivan & electric WR Mark Toney in 2008 have also helped.

In 2011 Baltimore lost to the eventual MLF Champions, the Indianapolis Racers in the American Conference Championship game.

Here are the teams current logos & uniforms. C & C Please!


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The Boston Admirals!


The franchise dates back to 1913 when the team was known then as the Portsmouth Pros from Portsmouth, OH.

They played in many independent & Ohio leagues.

They remained in Portsmouth until 1932 when QB Bob Bell bought the team & moved them to his native city Boston.

The team was named after his dad who was an Admiral in the Navy during World War I.

In 1940 they joined the MLF & have been one of the most decorated franchises winning 10 championships.

The last 20 years have seen more last place finishes than first.

After an 8-8 finish in 2011 Head Coach Sherman Gray has found himself on the hot seat.

Offensively, RB Greg Payton had his best year by rushing for 1325 yards & 7 TD's

However the QB position was never settled because first round pick in 2008 Rick Kenney could not win the job from veteran journeyman John Breaux.

The most disappointing part of the season for Coach Gray was the defense.

2010 All-Pros DE Paul Manley had only 3 sacks & CB Donald Knight missed most of the season with a torn ACL.

Here is their current logo & uniforms that have gone unchanged for the majority of their history.


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I am surprised a little on Boston I love the set myself but I thought I would get alot of this is to plain or looks like the colts or something.

The next team will be the Carolina Breakers which will be the same design as last time except the uniforms & number font are a little different.

I will be skipping the Chicago & Cincinnati franchises as I do not have them completed. I have not started on Cincinnati & Chicago is about 50% done.

Then I will have another simple uniform & logo for the Cleveland Bulldogs the second oldest team in the league.

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Boston is looking a bit BYU-ish? It's not terrible, but there are a bunch of similarities. What about inverting the helmet colors?

I actually noticed that but I don't really care because BYU stole their look from Boston in this world!

I really like the look & I have no problem looking like someone else in a way because that is what really happens.

That is one of the complaints I have with concept leagues I see.

They all try to be so different & every team has a modern look which would not happen in a real world.

I will warn you now if you are looking for these to all to be modern logos & uniforms you will not like this thread.

One thing I need to mention as well is I am not an artist who is just trying to make great logos.

I hope I do but what I really am trying to do is bring something I envisioned when I was kid to life even if it is just in the virtual world.

Some of these teams & player names go back 20+ years.

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Solid job on all three teams so far. No complaints. Really digging that Atlanta set, especially the helmet.

What I really wanted to tell you is that John Breaux has to be one of the most badass names ever.

Yeah I like it as well. He went to school at Louisiana-Lafayette so I wanted a cajun name & that is what I came up with.

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