Major League Football (my fictional concept league)

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On cell phone with small screen, how do these differ from originals?

Somethings did not change at all but others have I will let you all see if you can spot them.

I am just glad this is finished even though I really enjoyed working on this project for so long.

If you want to post who you think the best dressed division is please feel free.

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Just off the top of my head there is a new number font for TB

New wordmark for Cincy & lighter gold color

NY Generals has stripes now on the arms & so does Miami

Darker Gold for St. Louis

Philadelphia has a different number font

Chicago has black pants & added more red to the helmet

NO, Philadelphia, TB, & SF all have the new logos which I have not been shown in a complete package before as well as Toronto has a color swap on logo & helmet.

There are probably some I am missing I am sure.

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