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Topps Football cards 1961 onward

Darth Brooks

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I've done front only versions of the Aussie Rules ones, which were based on the Topps ones.




I never bothered doing the backs because ours were always a large photo from the Grand Final (playoff) which you only completed once you had the entire set.

So each back was a different part of the photo

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Did one front of a hockey card a few years ago using MS Paint, some sort of online imaging editor to make it transparent, and maybe some other considerably older programs. Edited an online image of the front of a 1979-80 OPC hockey card. Used a Nordiques card because that was the shirt I was wearing when photographed during that annual ball hockey game.


Also, here is a ticket I made for souvenirs for this year's game.


I'll post any other cards I make if they are a considerable improvement on my 1st attempt from years ago, or if I clean up the 1st attempt and add the back of the card.

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The bottom right one is almost identical to the 1977 football (NFL) design. Were they the same 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" size of the American cards?

Yes, exactly the same.

I made mine in Illustrator, and have not saved the text as outlines, so you'd need a few fonts.

I am not sure which you will need but I am reliably informed they are amongst these:





However, the template are here:


Again, these are only the front, because the Aussie Rules football cards did not have a standard design on the back.

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More. I got lazy and just copied over the card I made rather than striping out personalized information. I did get ride of the photos although It's easy to see where they go.

1985 Topps football http://www.mediafire.com/?16wo321iaavzl4b

1986 Topps football http://www.mediafire.com/?fbbbfw3926cxbrf

1987 Topps football http://www.mediafire.com/?ezq19xe6tmrz2au

1988 Topps football http://www.mediafire.com/?6c4dxaf89quc9hu

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I noticed this in another thread so decided to do something about it.

During the 60's Topps had a very lazy or intimidated photographer. Five times they used the same photograph for Joe Kapp, keeping him in a green uniform even when he was on the Vikings.



I decided to fix it (somewhat) Here are remakes of the 1968 & 69 cards, showing Joe as he should have / could have been at least for the time he was on the Vikings. I hope you enjoy them.


1968 Joe Kapp card Remade by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr


1969 Joe Kapp card Remade by Darth_Brooks_, on Flickr

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