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Better Logo? Obama Campaign vs. Romney Campaign

Dexter Morgan

Better Campaign Logos  

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Obama was the first presidential candidate I can think of who had a real logo (instead of just a wordmark) to visually define his candidacy.

I thought I had seen just a "W" logo back in 2004, but I think I'm misremembering it for this:


I didn't care for the Bush years, but the guy had a pretty awesome design package.

Romney's looks like legs to me.

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This isn't a matter of taste. The Romney logo is executionally and fundamentally flawed. If that logo were done in a design school, that student would receive a poor grade. Especially when compared to the Obama logo.

If the Romney logo didn't have fundamental problems, but was simply a different style, then taste comes in to play. I would also bet that the poll would be a lot closer.

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I didn't care for the Bush years, but the guy had a pretty awesome design package.

Really? I thought Bush's design package was cheap and amateurish, like most campaign identities were pre-Obama. Besides, their 2004 logo was just a barely-tweaked version of their 2000 logo:


They might as well have just kept it the same.


By the way, I found a pertinent website called 4President that shows the logos of every presidential campaign since 1960. Here's a few logos I liked:


(Executed poorly, but still an amusing choice.)




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Presidential campaign logos are a dime a dozen. Every single one of them uses navy, red and white (in that order, too).

I realize they're just extrapolating their campaign colors from the American flag, but it does seem like every single branding campaign uses the same design firm. If you removed the names from the ads, I doubt the American public could tell you which politician went with which ad.

I will give Romney and Obama props for incorporating their last initial in the logos. All the other ads (Pawlenty, Cain, Paul, etc) are so damn generic.

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Obama in a landslide.

That's what I'm hoping for in a few months, too.

Obama has the better logo, but Romney has my vote.

Obama's logo is superior; however, I'm voting for neither of them in this poll.

Obama's logo reminds me of a flushing toilet

Your inability to put aside allegiance to discuss the design of a logo is comical.

Obama's logo reminds me of a flushing toilet

Will you ever learn?

Bolded in red all of the comments unrelated to the logos themselves for posterity and to show that isn't just one or two guys that implode threads like these.

As far as the logos themselves, I'm going with Obama's because his is actually a fully-formed letter of his name. Not a great reason, but a reason nonetheless.

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Obama easy. His whole campaign identity i great. His Facebook page is constantly posting great graphics. Simple but modern but not too informal really really good work and it all seem to reflect him.

Romneys looks like a French airline or something.

Pretty cool though to see that everyone's stepped their game up since last election which I think goes to show just how iconic and effective the Obama logo is.

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Easily the Obama logo. That logo was something completely different in terms of branding a Presidential campaign. In some ways, it was the first campaign with a really cohesive brand (as opposite to just a wordmark and a few modifications of it).

If you ever look at any Obama campaign materials (or the White House website, for that matter), they all use the same fonts and same designs. There's nothing that's overlooked, and to take it a step further, Obama took the branding of the White House website and perfectly melded it with his 2008 campaign's website.

It's important to note that the White House website graphics were directly derived from the old 2008 campaign website. Those were slightly updated and modified for his 2012 campaign website, so the two, while looking sort of similar, do not perfectly match in terms of graphics (ultimately a wise decision, since I think most would agree that the White House website shouldn't be an extension of the President's campaign site).

The "O" logo is very recognizable and an example of very good design. The Romney logo looks like a cheap ripoff of the idea behind the Obama logo, that's incomplete and very flawed. Also, it most definitely belongs on a toothpaste bottle.

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