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How do you get this effects like these?


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I love working with photoshop and making desktop wallpapers but most of the time my work comes out looking flat. I'm not sure that I'm asking for a tutorial from anyone (unless they feel compelled to do one), I just want to know the basic technique to getting effects like these on the player renders.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Those lighting effects are so hard for me to pull off. Does it have something to do with the Layer Mode, or Curves, or Brightness Contrast, or even a plug-in? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

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Try messing with duplicating layers and applying various transparencies to them (hard light is especially helpful), as well as messing with curves and levels on the image. That's usually what I do, but IMO there's no real universal "way" to do it. Depends on what you're trying to do, and it varies by picture. Takes some toying around.

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You can do all of the effects with brushes such as these or these.

Here are some tutorials that might help:



All the lighting stuff was done in curves and/or levels, but like Doug said - each designer has their own way and method. I usually only employ multiply/overlay/screen when doing designs like these and utilize 'levels' for lighting on specific layers. I only use curves with the final image.

They may have used Topaz Labs HDR plugin too, I can't really tell.

My best advice: give those tutorials a whirl, fatten up your brushes folder (and organize your brush collection if you can - after you get 100+ you'll thank yourself for doing it), and play with different options.

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