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Ah thanks guys. I want to go through them first, then get a perspective on which are good and which aren't. That's how I normally do!

5/20 Aston Villa

I really liked this one. I did the same colors on the home, but did a checker pattern running vertically, and lined the crest, sponsor, and maker logos all along it. On the clash, I replaced the maroon with navy and did pinstripes with light blue sleeves. On the alt, I tried some new stuff. I did green with the yellow from the lion. It?s in the same pattern as the home, and only the lion is on the crest.


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The design doesn't say 'Macron' to me the way the West Ham kit did, a couple of reasons why, the first being that Macron designs tend to have overly fussy collars and more and or trim lines something you executed well on the West Ham kit. Another reason I don't quite think it fits in with Macron's branding are the chequer pattern, that was a Nike styling when they took over the contract, before that Villa never used anything like it, with Nike logos instead of Macron logos I think these would work.

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Overall, Villa looks pretty nice. A few things, though.

1 - There actually is a spot on this year's Villa kit that uses chequers (it's a little tag along the side of the shirt that says "AVFC"). So once again, nothing big but it's there.

2 - I'd maybe suggest going back to a roundel badge if you're going to put it in the centre. It looks a bit odd with the shield there, and Villa do definitely have history using a roundel in the middle of the shirt.

3 - I hate raglan sleeves on Villa, so if I were you, I'd get rid of the light blue strip on the shoulders.

But all things considered, well done!

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Thanks fellas, like I always do, I'm gonna finish them all first, then redo ones I dont like. Just gonna get this going again.

6/20 Wigan Athletic

I finally got Wigan done! I did a mixture of stripes and piping on the home using traditional royal blue, white, and gold. The alt is a reference to the black, and gold kit they had a few years ago. The 3rd is a creation of mine using a maroon and golden yellow on the same template. I normally mix up the look, but I enjoyed the way this concept looked, I decided not just recolor it.


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