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Knicks to get new uniforms


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I don't understand the ones who say that this is a monstrous downgrade. The silver trims are barely visible anyway, unless there's a close up. They might not be perfect, but they are far from being an epic failure.

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First there was BFBS, now there is GFGS. I love these uniforms though... don't understand any complaints. Definitely not a downgrade. Only nit picks would be...

- Change of script... I just don't feel it yet. I'm sure it'll grow on me though.

- Gray - no idea why they chose gray but ok. GFGS

- Primary on shorts - I hate the primary logo so that's probably the only reason why.

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I am the only one who thinks the Knicks have gradually lightened the orange since the first set of Ewing era uniforms to look more like the Reed-Frazier orange? They always seemed more red than orange:




Perhaps a leftover from when the Knicks added maroon to the color scheme? Lightening the orange has been a change far for the better IMO.

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Just slap the new logo on these and call it a day.


Isn't that pretty much what was unveiled? Only difference is a different script and a tiny little gray streak in the new ones.

Not much of a details guy eh?

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