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Sports-themed NASCAR paint schemes


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^Nice call on the Earnhardt! Things like that are why I started the thread.

This one's a bit of a reach, but with Joe Gibbs owning the car, Bobby Labonte had a few interesting helmet schemes in the 1990s:



I remember seeing a wall full of these at a restaurant in Charlotte once. Pretty sure he wore at least a few of them.

Wasn't just the helmet. This paint scheme was used when Gibbs went into the Pro Football HOF:


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great thread Shane!

i have a mini Labonte 18 Carolina Panthers drivers helmet like in your lineup photo.

Austin Dillon 3 had a Panthers helmet last year too


i need to post up some of the diecast Panthers cars (not race run, just diecast reproduction) i have from 2003 and 2004.

i also worked with the Nadeau 9 NWO designs and the Dallenbach 75 WCW Nitro (Turner Networks sponsorship) in addition to the Cartoon Network, and the Dinner & a Movie schemes too.


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