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Process: The Making of a New Era Cap


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I don't know if this has been posted here, but I found this interesting:


I visited the New Era plant in Derby, NY south of Buffalo a few years ago and saw caps being made. We were there on a cold, blustery January day. The wind coming in off of Lake Erie made the wind chill below zero. But here were the guys running the cap steamer working in tank tops or wife-beater T-shirts because the room was so hot. Talk about a sweat shop. This truly is one. And those caps are HOT when they come out of the steamer. Those guys really earn their money.

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I thought New Era had sent all their production overseas, thus the marked drop in quality over the past few years.

Not all of their production has gone overseas, but a lot of it has. Pretty much any wool cap is now made overseas. The majority of the on field caps are made in the USA still, but even that's being slowly outsourced. It still drives me nuts though that 2/3 of the caps made, which are all hand made, have crooked bills.

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