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CCSLC New Look-What do you think?


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Noticing the aforementioned issue changing avatars/profile pictures.

Also noticing the inability for mods to split or merge topics.

Can you share the errors you're receiving attempting either task?

I like it so far. Seems like a little more efficient layout, too. Once the posts from the last 6 hours are back, I've got no complaints.

Hmm... they should be back now... was there a particular post of yours that isn't showing that i can check to see what's going on?

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I wasn't sure if the change from avatars to profile pictures was intentional or not, so I attempted to change my profile picture to my avatar. It won't work though. Every time I try to upload my avatar image I get a "Failed to set a new photo" error message.

All in all I like the new look, very sleek. It'll be fantastic once you get the kinks worked out.

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edit: nvm

The new digs are nice and clean, but the header seems fairly plain (imho). Either way, good stuff. The board was sluggish and constantly dealing with crap as of late, so I'm down.

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So how long before all the kinks are worked out?

Point out the kinks and I'll fix them... you've offered up "I don't like it" and "It sucks" -- I can't help you with that

You're working on them. I'll be patient.

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We had some CSS issues that have since been resolved... if you hit the boards between 7-8pm ET today you will likely need to clear your cache in order to see them (things like links to your PM system and other small nav images)

Also just noticed if there's a new reply in the thread that you're currently writing a post in you'll get a little notice and it'll update the thread for you without losing your new post... very handy!

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