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Physter's NHL Concepts


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Devils: I always feel the red & black color scheme is better than the red & green. I too feel their uniform design is untouchable and classic, and there is really no need to deviate from.

Sharks: Never was a fan of adding orange to their team colors, keep the black and teal. I also like the classic horizontal stripes at the bottom of jerseys and a secondary color running the length of the sleeves that most teams wear. Keep that in mind designing hockey jerseys.

Ducks: Never was a fan of the logo from the Mighty Ducks movie they originally wore, but loved the webbed "D" they use now. I loved the eggplant, teal, white & silver color scheme, but their current black, orange and copper [or gold?] team colors are a nice touch and upgrade. IMO keep with the current logo and team colors and make adjustments from there.

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One thing I like about these concepts is that are more than just minor tweaks, as so many concepts are these days--I remember the old days with bold concepts--I miss that.

These don't go that far, and some are still in tweak country, but they don't look like tweaks fr the sake of tweaks--good descriptions of what you did and also in the changes made.

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Nice improvements on the Ducks. Make the striping more consistent on the white jersey and that will look perfect.

I don't mind having an orange third for Anaheim, but the big white shoulder yoke makes it feel very Flyers-ish. Maybe a black yoke or just leaving it orange would look better, but I guess it is tough to make a mostly orange jersey and not draw comparisons with the Flyers.

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Cheers for the feedback, guys.

And thanks to nash61, I didn't realise how blue that purple looked until I used the Kings "original" purple. And I agree- much better:

Kings update:





And @wildwing6- Ducks with no yoke :


And now, Dallas:





Inspired by mid-70s North Stars' jerseys. In my opinion, Dallas' current set of uniforms are the worst in the NHL by a fair margin. They really need to add more green in there - green being a very sparingly used color in the NHL - it would help them standout a lot more; gives them more of an identity, too.

I'm not sure if there is an issue with Dallas using the old North Stars' color scheme or not, but who cares - I like the old green and gold better, I did design set using Dallas' present-day colors, but then I came across a extremely similar design on this very board, so I thought it would be better if I redesigned them. To be honest, I think these look better, anyway. :P

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The Devils look good for modernizing a classic team, but I still think the black is way better than the green

Sharks black/teal/silver is beyond good looking, I just cant stand the orange for them.

Kings are ok. I am a sucker for black/grey/white but these are not bad. I think I would like to see them with the purple and white switched on the home (so the stripping went purple/grey/white/grey/purple) with a white yoke, and do the same on the aways with the purple and black. Just thought that with it more black and white with purple as more of an accent might appeal to everyone ya know.

Ducks look better than they do now (I hate their stripping), but I would like to see them with the gold and orange switched, almost New Orleans Saints with some orange additions. Even still though they do look way better than do now.

Dallas looks GREAT!!! Just a few minor things. On the home and the away the green looks a bit "washed out", I think it would look better super dark. And the I hate the script logo. I think with all the white that is on the alt it would be cool to us the "texas" logo on the front.

All in all though these look good and cant wait to see more man! Keep up the good work!!!

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