Fantasy Australian basketball league (ABA)

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okay, so for a while ive been following this forum and have been creating australian teams for an australian basketball league that I'm calling the ABA (Australian Basketball Association) which will replace the NBL. I have seven teams so far and will hopefully be making more. FOREWORNING, some of the logos used in here were taken from the site and edited i do not claim I made all logos although i did design all jumpers etc.

this is a logo i made for the league which is based off of the nba's logo, i was going to make the ball green and gold for australia but overall the look didnt look good so i left it as is http://s1106.photobu...2at105300PM.png

The first team i designed was the richmond rattlers http://s1106.photobu...lers-layout.jpg

The next team on my list was the Melbourne Cubs http://s1106.photobu...cubs-layout.jpg

Then came the Sydney Harbours http://s1106.photobu...OURS-LAYOUT.jpg

Next is the Perth Pirates, taking the font and the black and yellow colours from the mlb pirates :Phttp://s1106.photobu...ATES-LAYOUT.jpg

Then came the Cairns Flameshttp://s1106.photobu...AMES-LAYOUT.jpg

After was the Townsville Suns http://s1106.photobu...SUNS-LAYOUT.jpg

and last but not least, the Melbourne Gunships http://s1106.photobu...06at13443AM.png

Hopefully you guys have liked what ive posted, and if you dont, tell me why, C&C welcome, this is my first time, be nice and ill try and make some more, next on the list, the tassie devils

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well i made both melbourne teams before i actually thought of making a league, and im from melbourne so that might influence it a bit :P

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