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NBA courts


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Yeah I was going to erase them myself. for the NBA courts. However I want users of the game to be able to make there own courts as well. Your template will make it simple for them to make new courts with the same dimensions as the ones i'm using (yours).

Here's how your Pistons Court Looks (the game is in its infancy stage).


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just to let you know, for sacramento, it is power balance pavilion....you have 2 Ls

Looks like this will need to be changed again..

"The team on Monday announced a multiyear naming rights deal with Sleep Train Mattress Centers.

The arena in Sacramento was called Power Balance Pavilion last season but the Kings were looking for a new partner after Power Balance filed for bankruptcy."

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The Cavs court has changed for this year.


Also, the Spurs' mid court line shows that it is gray in their draw up


But in photos, it looks black:


I don't mean to be picky, but I'm sure you want your designs to be 100% accurate. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks. Here's the Cleveland new and Miami updated (floor, twitter added and web-site updated). Still waiting to see new Kings arena name logo. If there were any changes on other courts, I will update that as soon as I see them.


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