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Hi everybody: I'm trying to complete a complete court database for almost a year. I mean, a database from nowadays to back in the 50s. It's a work in progress and i've already finished some cool courts from the 90s & the 80s, like the L.A. Sports Arena, The MECCA, the Key Arena, etc. This is an advance (I will post some other courts).



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Weatherman, I'm late to the dance but this is great stuff.

I noticed that with the Knicks court, instead of the NBA logo at the mid-court sideline, there's an "X." I'm presuming that's something that needs fixing?

Nope: it marks the substitution box area. It is a NCAA rule. "An "X", NCAA logo or NCAA Basketball logo is required". As long as they use the same floor on NBA and NCAA games (they only change the floor plates on the center court and the baselines), neither the NBA logo or the NCAA logos are placed on this area.

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